Melissa + Jonty Part two

Despite seeing each other before the wedding the ceremony was so sentimental. Melissa walked down the aisle into the most awesome “chapel” to a solo saxophonist. There were many tears from both parties, as well as belly laughs but at the end they were just purely ecstatic that they were finally married! After a few more couple photographs, the reception started with Jazz, cold beers and lots of dancing and laughing. We had so much fun M&J, thanks for letting us be part of such a cool day, we have no doubt you are going to have a strong and beautiful marriage.

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Angela darling

These photos are amazing! Definitely show what a beautiful day it was. It is a great reflection of such an awesome couple. :)

25 Jun 12, 04:01

Gena D

Aah such coool work!! I love the inner city and it's possibilities - so nice to see it being used for weddings

20 Jun 12, 08:34

arel herr

the best wedding iv ever ever seen in my whole life. the garter was around a rugby ball and luke was tackled. then we threw the ball around in the rain and alan headed it into the fire. i liked the the wasnt wedding cake....but brownies..oh damn,,,,there were cupcakes too. and the clay jont and mel were back to front

12 Jun 12, 21:06

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