Craig & Tracey

Craig and Tracey were a very special couple to work with. You can just tell they’re best friends and have so much love for each other as well as the people around them. I loved spending the morning with the bridesmaids and Tracey’s 3 sisters getting ready, laughing and listening to music. I can only liken them to the Bennet sisters from Pride & Prejudice. All varying in ages but such a close family!

As I said before in the sneak peek post I loved all the colours of the wedding. They were so well planned and came together so beautifully. I loved the Turquoise and how it popped in photos from the ribbons on the bouquets to their bright nail polish. I loved Craig’s navy suit and how well it complimented Tracey’s red lips and shoes. The reception was beautifully handcrafted from the hand picked flowers, to the collected vintage tins to their sweet favour of retro Wilsons toffees. All in all a unique wedding we loved being a part of.

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