Jonty & Melissa Part One

What an honour it was to be part of this wedding where we felt more like guests than photographers. Jonty and Melissa are one of the warmest, loveliest couples we’ve met, and their love for each other is explosive and infectious. We were so excited about all their plans and venue choices for the day. Jonty got ready at a friend’s flat in the middle of town and planned to walk from there to Arts on Main with all his groomsmen. Bowties on and cigars in their hands they strutted their awesome style through the streets of the city until they reached the 12 Decades Hotel where Melissa was getting ready. The hotel is modern and unique, with each room being decorated by a different artist. Melissa got ready in the “Perpetual Liberty” room, which was full of light and had the biggest bed i’ve ever seen!

This was our first wedding where the couple decided to see each other before hand, and I have to say it was the most awesome decision. The big “first look” was so incredibly special, and having the time to do the bulk of the photos before really took the pressure off the day and gave them more time to spend with guests later on. These are our favourites from the first part of the day.


After the long walk, and morning of preparation Jonty and Melissa met on the roof of the 12 decades hotel for their first look. It was a terribly romantic and emotionally charged moment. Jonty waiting nervously alone at the top, waiting, hearing her foot steps. Melissa climbing the steps, seeing him waiting.. and then he turns around…

Stay tuned for part two ; )

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  1. Wow! This is so beautiful, touching and filled with love! Those series of shots where you first see each other! Powerful! What great photographers.

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