Kevin & Heather

Heather & Kevin wed on a hot summer Sunday in December at their beautiful home in Hurlingham.

On our first meeting we drank good wine and chatted about Paris, our favourite city. We’d loved them both instantly. They have such an amazing sense of style and taste, but they were also fun and relaxed and so easy to get along with.

The wedding day was wonderful and chilled. Just close friends and family in their garden, and of course their two Golden Retrievers and (at least) three cats roaming about.

The rain held out, and the day turned into a magical night of candles, sky lanterns and Watershed playing for the guests. I hope these photos do the day justice.

One thought on “Kevin & Heather”

  1. What a lovely wedding! I love the pictures of the cat under the blanket and the dogs just hanging out with the bride and groom during the ceremony!

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