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Andrew + Savanah

Andrew and Savanah’s wedding was a bit of a mystery. They booked us in July to shoot their wedding at the end of December in a town we’d never heard of in Limpopo.

Savanah emailed us and said, “I am getting married up in Limpopo, on a really sweet little farm in a small town called Haenertsburg. The venue is an old potato shed that has been whitewashed and renovated beautifully… very rustic and earthy, would you be willing to drive up?”. We didn’t hesitate and 6 months later we were driving up to Limpopo to a town we couldn’t pronounce to shoot a wedding of two people we’d never met.

I don’t think we realized what we were in for but we were completely blown away by the scenery of Haenertsburg, Andrew and Savanah’s story and the love of their families.

The day was full of joy, tears, pizza, dancing, silliness and a lot of love.

14 thoughts on “Andrew + Savanah”

  1. So so so SO beautiful guys!!! Thank you so much Emma & Dylan for sharing your talent with the world. We’ll cherish these pictures forever. 🙂

  2. Yay, yay, yay, these are so beautiful! So awesome to re-live the amazing day that was Andrew and Sav’s wedding! xxx

  3. Beautiful couple. Beautiful pictures. Awesome memories. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the families as well. Well done!

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