Fred & Tharien

Fred and Tharien are the friendliest people we’ve ever met. They are most definitely clients turned into friends.

They got married in Heidelberg at the prettiest wedding venue i’ve seen in a long time called Poortjie Saal. It was very natural, surrounded by farmlands but was modern and clean. Tharien has her own design studio called Swagger products so was responsible for all the decor and awesome signage. I loved the decor and details and I think you will too (nothing you’ve ever seen on Pinterest).

F & T could not stop smiling the whole day, even when the heavens opened up during photos they stuck it out until it started storming badly. The sky, although dark, made for some amazing pictures (not enhanced at all).

The Reception was a blur of of dancing, drinking melktertjie’s and taking hundreds of polaroids and from what I heard they danced until 2:30 am! The food by Prep’ed by Sasha was also absolutely delicious and stands out as one of the tastiest meals we’ve had at a wedding.

It was an incredible day and we couldn’t be happier for the two of them.

This wedding has been featured on 100 layer cake and The Pretty Blog

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