Cleavon & Robyn

We loved spending time with this special couple and their families,  capturing the excitement and joy of the day. Cleavon and Robyn were so easy to take pictures of as they just shine with love for each other and for everyone around them.

We LOVED all the children running around in their mini suits so involved in handing out programs or holding signs. They almost stole the show if it wasn’t for Cleavon and Robyn and the way Robyn’s eyes lit up the entire day. How incredibly pretty are her eyes? I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her.

Cleavon & Robyn-00001-DYL_7553.jpg

Cleavon & Robyn-00002-DYL_7592.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00003-DYL_7597.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00004-DYL_7653.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00005-DYL_7739.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00006-DYL_7802.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00007-DYL_7862.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00008-DYL_7985.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00009-DYL_8084.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00010-QS3A1215.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00011-QS3A1293.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00012-QS3A1329.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00013-QS3A1555.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00014-QS3A1593.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00015-DYL_8291.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00016-DYL_8329.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00017-DYL_8667.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00018-DYL_8713.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00019-QS3A1979.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00020-QS3A2079.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00021-QS3A2183.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00022-QS3A2212.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00023-QS3A2218.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00024-QS3A2233.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00025-QS3A2264.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00026-DYL_8940.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00027-QS3A2303.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00028-QS3A2392.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00029-QS3A2400.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00030-QS3A2439.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00031-QS3A2445.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00032-QS3A2448.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00033-QS3A2514.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00034-QS3A2597.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00035-QS3A2620.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00037-QS3A2636.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00038-QS3A2729.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00039-QS3A2762.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00040-QS3A2823.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00041-QS3A2861.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00042-QS3A2885.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00043-QS3A2932.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00044-DYL_9555.jpg
Cleavon & Robyn-00045-DYL_9561.jpg

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