Terence + Derryn. Wedding story.

This is the wedding story of Derryn and Terence who started out just as ordinary clients and are now close friends of ours. They got married on a hot spring day in Johannesburg and despite the weather forecast for clear skies we ended up having the first big storm of the season.

After the ceremony everybody gathered for a big group photo when out of nowhere in typical Joburg style the clouds burst open. Everybody scattered for shelter in the school corridors of St Johns which actually gave D & T a chance to greet every one of their guests. It was a truly beautiful mess.

Our couple session was, pretty much, completely rained out. We managed to take a few pictures under a small shelter but the sky was dark, and the thunder was rolling! So we called it a day and headed to the reception.

The night was perfect. Good food, good friends. Beautiful words spoken, a few tears and a lot of dancing!

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