Nonki & Rabi

We had a pretty rough start to December. We had been packing down & renovating our house, setting up in Cape Town, shooting, editing and travelling through 5 provinces for different shoots in a two week period. Travelling for a wedding these days has become second nature, we do it so regularly that the roads don’t seem to be as long and the petrol bill no longer deserves a *gasp*. Waiting for us on the other side of our crazy week was an oasis of life inspiration, an “Energy giving” wedding rather than an “Energy taking” wedding. Nonki & Rabi’s wedding was an absolute privilege to be a part of, it was in a rural village outside Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. A place where the hills seem to roll on for days, only to be interrupted by a colourful mud hut or a herd of cattle. This is why we travel, and weddings like Nonki & Rabi’s keep us wanting to do it again and again…

Take a village full of people, rolling green hills and one gigantic roll of white fabric and you’re guaranteed to have a pretty epic celebration. But fabric, food and festivities don’t make weddings great; people do. Nonki & Rabi, their families and their friends are some of the best you can find. They seem to be able to redefine the word “community” from a noun to a verb, with a genuine love and interest for those around them.

Have a look through these pics and take it all in. If you ever bump into these two wonderful people, give them a high-five and a hug. You can’t find nicer, more genuine people around. If you like what you see, get in your car and go there! See our country, meet her people and go and make memories you’ll treasure forever. You won’t regret it.

23 thoughts on “Nonki & Rabi”

  1. Exquisite just doesn’t cover it! The love, culture, colour, people – EVERYTHING! And you guys have such an incredible story telling gift. Smiling through tears ♥

      1. Wow…stunning couple (nibahle), great view, beautiful people, alegant yet simple decor & not forgetting the art of photography for turning such special moments into life time memories. Thank you for sharing, Nonki & Rabi 4 life may God bless your union!

  2. This is absolutely amazing. I am not a wedding person but I would definitely have loved to be there for this one. Full of happiness, tradition and love that can easily be seen on their happy faces. Just absolutely amazing. This is what I call a great celebration!

  3. Amazing!!! This video made me cry it’s so beautiful! You captured the absolute joy that everyone was feeling and I could feel the love all the way over here in Vietnam! Africa I miss you!

  4. Stunning! I feel like I know them from the intimacy of the photos, and wish I was there to help celebrate 🙂

  5. I absolutely adore this video, just everything about it. The photos are stunning, so is the story and the way that it’s being presented. Very well done! I even teared a little ;P xx

  6. Came here from Diana’s blog, Beautiful wedding and photography. Encapsulates everything I love about African weddings, right own to the donkey carriage! Congratulations to Nonki and Rabi.

  7. What a colorful , happy and deeply rooted celebration. Lad and Lass your photography is pure magic ! I can’t stop watching it !

  8. Emma and Dylan,

    This IS MAGICAL. Watching this made me feel as if I was there, in awe of your work. ALWAYS !!! x

  9. From the sometimes negative news we get here in the US about South Africa, comes this. An extraordinary production, beautifully shot, lovingly crafted. Thank you, thank you.

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