Geoff & Caryn_0095

Some people think that a good wedding celebration can be had by following a magic formula. Take a beautiful bride and a dashing groom, surround them with friends and family, add a healthy dose of food and wine and you’re all set!

While this wedding had all of the above, there’s something that separates an epic wedding celebration from the rest. It’s a secret sauce of the most wonderful people, lots of laughter and the unique character of friends and families really being involved in each others lives that cannot be replicated or planned.
It’s the magic of a good celebration that either works or doesn’t.

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Zorada & Willem

When we think back to Zorada & Willem’s wedding in Pretoria, there are 2 things that always stand out.

Firstly, these two people are incredible! They’re some of the nicest, friendliest people we’ve ever met, with the sweetest hearts and a certain understated, classic style. They even entertained their guests with beautiful music before opening up the stage for friends and family to grab a guitar (or piano) and play something nice!

Secondly, the food! Wow, the food was incredible! Especially the 16 hour slow smoked Brisket that Zane Figueiredo from Ginger & Fig whipped out.

The Autumn sun was warm and golden in Pretoria that day,  making for some epic photos from the Klapperkop Nature Reserve


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