Gina & Marc’s Stop Motion Save the Date

Gina & Marc’s Stop Motion Save the Date

Gina and Marc, were such a super stylish Joburg couple! They found us through the pretty blog, and wanted to do a save the date stop motion for their wedding. It was a lot of fun putting together and they were both such good sports, both pushing ice creams in each other’s faces and rowing out into the middle of Zoo Lake, being chased by millions of hungry ducks! hee. enjoy!

Greg & Bee’s Stop Motion Wedding Invitation

Greg & Bee’s Stop Motion Wedding Invitation

If you follow emmajanenation, you’ll know we (Dylan and Emma) made a stop motion invitation for our wedding. Well, since then we have gotten a few requests from couples wanting to do something similar. First up were friends of ours Greg and Bianca. They are a sweet doctor couple living in KZN.

For the shoot we went to Gold Reef City to do a 1950’s fun fair/almost Notebook themed stop motion.. we had so much fun on the day, and they were such a fun-loving easy couple to work with. We’re shooting their wedding in Durban in December – so excited!



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photos of us above were taken by our friend Bruce Mardon