Tal & Alon | Greece wedding | Lad & Lass_0193

Alon & Tal

We’ve been dying to share this wedding for months, and finally we get the chance!

It was a true honour and very special for us to shoot the wedding celebration of Tal & Alon Smolsha (a combination of their two surnames Olsha and Smoller).

It was a small and simple affair, just as they’d wanted it to be. Dinner and dancing with close friends and family at a local taverna… on a remote island in Greece!

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Tal & Alon | Boat trip to St Nikolaos beach

We can’t wait to begin sharing the pictures we made for Tal & Alon in Greece!

Tal & Alon introduced us (and their guests) to the beautiful island of Folegandros (one of the lesser known islands in the cyclades, and in my opinion the best kept secret!). It is such a stunning, special place – small enough to explore slowly but big enough to enjoy doing something new every day.

T & A, and their families were so warm and friendly and included us in a lot of their wedding festivities including a boat trip to a hard to reach beach. As we were taking a lot of pictures that week I decided to make a video instead.

It’s short and sweet but captures a really lovely memory of the day.

Nick & Justine | Lad & Lass Wedding Photography_0192

Nick & Justine

It’s always such a treat for us to take a little road trip up to Haenertsburg, Limpopo. We’ve shot there once a year for the past 3 years and we always look forward to spending some time on ‘The Mountain’, being in amongst the pine forests and breathing that fresh country air!

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Kelly & Leo | Goedgedacht | Lad & Lass_0235

Kelly & Leo

We had been looking forward to this wedding for a very long time.

Kelly and Leo were the very first couple to book us in Cape Town before we even made our big decision to move cities last year.

We met up at the beginning of last year for coffee and a shoot around the city, we chatted to them about our plans to (MAYBE) move down and they told us we just HAD to do it!

Speed up time to more than a year later and we’re living in this beautiful city having just shot this special couple’s wedding.

Kelly and Leo’s wedding was exactly the way she described it more than a year ago. A huge family celebration with delicious burgers, eating and dancing on a beautiful olive farm in Riebeek Kasteel.

This wedding was a pleasure to capture and be a part of… and we just loved the electric chemistry between these two!

Enjoy going through the stills below but what we really recommend doing first is watching their wedding story video. It’s their wedding pictures in a sort of stop-motion format with music. We loved making this one and we think you’ll love it too.

Ps. You also HAVE to watch their wedding video by Orpen Films!

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