Choosing a Wedding Photographer can be scary, we're here to put you at ease and answer any questions that you may have.


1. Can we meet up before booking you?


We currently live in Cape Town, but we travel around quite regularly to other cities. We love having people over for coffee, just message us and set up a time. After work, before work, lunch breaks or any other time when we're not shooting is fine. Weekends are normally busy, but we can try squeeze something in if we're not on location.

2. What style of Wedding Photographer are you?

Defining your style of photography is like defining your sound as a musician. There are some that have a very definite style (like a Reggae musician) and others that steal a few of their favourite attributes from a few different styles (Like Glen Hartman who defines his sound as 'Synth Folk'). We're more like the latter, and here are a few of our favourite styles that we incorporate into our work.

  • Photojournalism / Documentary Style: This is our default mode that we shoot in. It's the story telling mode, capturing moments as they happen and emotion in its raw, real state.
  • Planned Portrait Photography: We hope to come away from the wedding day with at least a handful of good, sharp, beautifully exposed portrait photos. Sometimes they're of the bride alone, sometimes they come out during the couple shoot. The types of photos that you'd hang on your wall for the next 80 years.
  • Unscripted Portrait: Our couple shoots normally have a lot of this. We like to give you space to enjoy each other and let your natural emotion show in the photos. We sometimes give a bit of guidance, but always prefer to keep it unscripted and natural.
  • Photo Booth mode: Crazy, fun, stupid and humorous. We try our best to give people space to go a little crazy without just dressing them up like a Drag queen. Some of it is planned, some of it spontaneous, but its always fun!

3. Are my photos going to look like the ones on your blog?

Yes... and no.

We remain consistent in our shooting style and editing style, so they should look similar in style to the rest of our work. However, every wedding is unique. Each story is different and we take our inspiration from your day.

Since most of the wedding pictures are just documenting what is already happening, the content of the pictures depends on the happenings of your day. We can't get a wide landscape shot without a wide landscape, and we won't get one of the Groom crying if the groom doesn't cry. At the heart of shooting in a 'documentary' or 'photo-journalistic' style is a sense of telling a story honestly, truthfully and the best way possible without manipulating or interfering with what you're documenting. We try do this throughout the day, (except for giving a bit of direction during the couple shoot and photo booth). Read the question about our shooting style if you'd like more info.

Shooting at the optimal time of day, and in a decent location helps with getting the most out of your photos. Speak to us if you're unsure.

4. My friend's photographer lost all the photos, how do I know you won't lose mine?

From the time we snap a picture to the time we hand it over to you, we're a little paranoid about not losing any of them.

We shoot on professional cameras that write to 2 memory cards. Those cards are separated on the wedding day to minimize the risk. We back up whenever and whatever possible and to date have thankfully never lost anyone's photos. We do all we can to minimize this risk, but would be lying to you if we said there was no risk of this happening. As far as the industry norms go, we do way more than the average photographer and we're continually looking to improve this process . If you're a geek with a few tricks up your sleeve that you'd like to share, we're always open to advice but think we've got this pretty covered for now.

5. There are 2 of you, do you both shoot on the day?

Yes, we both shoot.

We do not have any other assistants, but Emma gets to go with the ladies while they get ready and Dylan normally tails the gents. From the time the ceremony starts we work as a team, covering different angles and different focal lengths. We work best when we're together (that's what a marriage is all about isn't it?) so we're not planning on changing our setup anytime soon!

6. What equipment do you use?

At the moment we shoot on 2 x Full Frame Nikon D750 bodies (and a full frame D600 for backup) We have a large selection of Professional lenses like the 35mm, 24-70mm, 50mm, 85mm and 105mm. We sometimes play around with Tilt-shift, macro or film... depending on what we're feeling like! 98% of our work is shot on the digital camera's with Prime lenses.

7. How do travel and accommodation work?

Each package has a certain amount of free travel included. Over and above that, we charge a defined AA rate for travel to and from the location.

Destinations over 1.5 hours outside of CT may require 1 night's accommodation. Destinations over 3 hours outside of CT may require 2 night's accommodation. This is not to try score a free holiday off of your wedding, but rather to ensure that we arrive on time and rested, ready to take on the crazy busy creative process of shooting your wedding.

8. Do you offer discounts?

Sometimes. Whats your reason? Buy 4 get weddings, get the 5th one free? mmm... maybe not.

Things like mid-week, non public holiday weddings or weddings in our off-peak (winter) months might be eligible for discounts. Full payments upfront, looong before the wedding date also sometimes reward you with a discount.

There's no exact rule for this, so pitch us your sceanrio and we can tell you the numbers. If you think that you deserve a discount for any other reason, you're welcome to ask.... we won't be offended.

9. Do you require a deposit?

Yes, 50% deposit and signed contract is payable to secure your date. The balance is due the week before the wedding.

10. What methods of payment do you accept?

EFT works best. We don't accept cash, and cheques are like... soooo old school (Do they even make those anymore?). Credit cards are possible, but will incur some extra hefty exchange fees from PayPal so it's probably not worth it.

11. Can I get a refund if I cancel my wedding?

Nope, deposits are non-refundable. Actually, if you read the contract you'll see that if you cancel your wedding close to your wedding date, you'll still be liable for up to 100% of the money. Please don't do this, we really want to shoot your wedding!

12. Can I request specific photo's from your blog or from other inspiration?

Yes! We can't promise we'll get photos that are exactly the same but it will give us a sense of the style that you enjoy.

13. Do you shoot same sex weddings?

We choose the jobs that we take on based on whether or not we think we'll be the right person to tell your story. Your style, location, expectations and general personality all give us an indication of whether we'd be able to work well together or not. Religion, sexual orientation and race play no part in our decision to take on work.

14. Do you do Jewish / Muslim / Hindu / Christian / Non Religious etc Weddings?

Yes. We have shot Christian, Jewish, Muslim and many other religious, traditional, non-religious and non-traditional weddings. Diversity is fun. It keeps us on our toes and broadens our horizons!

We choose the jobs that we take on based on whether or not we think we'll be the right people to tell your story. Your style, location, expectations and general personality all give us an indication of whether we'd be able to work well together or not. Religion, sexual orientation and race play no part in our decision to take on work.

15. We live on the other side of the world, or work really strange hours. Meeting up is not an option, what should we do?

We're always open to a Skype / Google Hangout / FaceTime if meeting in person is too tricky. In addition, we can plan a meeting for far in advance, closer to your wedding day to go over the details.

16. I can't decide on a package! Help?

You're welcome to book on a base package now and add on the rest later. All job prices will remain the same as your current quote with the exception of physical products (like books) which may need to be re-quoted.

17. Do you need to see the ceremony / reception venue before the day?

If we've shot there before, we normally do not need to see it again. If we haven't and it's not too far away we could arrange a time to check it out. If it doesn't work out that we see the venue before, we'll always go extra early on the wedding day for some good scouting around and to familiarize ourselves.

18. Do you need to be at the rehearsal?

No, we're pretty confident that after 2 years of regular weddings we have them down. If you're re-defining a wedding, or doing something completely new to us then maybe, but normally it's not needed.

19. Your photo booths are awesome! Can I book one for something other than a wedding?

Yes, but you probably won't want to. Weddings are our priority and as such we do photo booths as an added extra to them. Setting up a photo booth without doing wedding photos will be significantly more expensive than adding them on to a Wedding Package. If you're happy to pay the price, and if the date does not conflict with any wedding dates we'd be happy to do it!

20. Can I change my wedding date?

Once a date is booked, we often turn away other business for that date. We try our best to accommodate Brides and Grooms that have to change their date, but by default treat it as a cancellation and a new booking. This is also subject to the new date's availability and any potential price changes. If we manage to re-book the old date to someone else, we'd refund some or all of your deposit.


21. What do you need from us before the wedding date?

A list of family photos and a schedule is a good start. If there's anything else that we specifically need to know, please tell us.

22. Do I need to feed you?

Please! Food keeps us happy and healthy. It also keeps our energy high for the creative juices to flow. If you feed us, we won't drool over your guest's food, and we'll get some cool pics of food, on a plate!

23. Do you need to be on my bar tab?

mmm... My heart says yes but my head says no. We're not there to drink away your money, and really don't mind paying for our own refreshments. But if you insist, we'll take you up on it!

24. Do you really need a place to sit at the reception?

Yes, we really really do! Nothing fancy, a table with a jug of water in the corner will do. Even the room next door works out fine for us. The closer we are to the action, the more chance we have of capturing the action!

We don't want to laze about, but sometimes we need a place to put down our spare lenses and regroup.

25. Do you work overtime?

If you ask us to, we'll work overtime and bill you after the wedding for the extra hours. We'll never work extra billable hours without checking with you or your partner, or the MC first. We know that schedules are not always stuck to 100%, but we'll always liase with you or the MC on the wedding day to make sure that as much of the requested photos are taken before our time is up. After that, if you still want us to shoot for longer we can stay extra hours at standard overtime rates. (See price list for details)

26. Can I bring my own photo booth props?

Yes, if you have anything specific that you'd like your guests to have access to, please bring them along. We'll have our box of tricks, but you're welcome to add to that.


27. How long does it take to get my photos?

Up to 8 weeks (excluding delivery time). It could be less, but it won't be more.

28. How will you give me the photos?

Digitally! We have some super sexy little USB flash drives which are our preferred method of delivery. If you're an international client, we could rather use online tools like Pass Premier if you'd prefer.

All photos that make up the final selection will be provided in high resolution Jpeg for you to print or share with family.

29. Can I have the RAW images?

By default, No. Contact us if you think you have a reason that will change our mind. Additional fees will apply.

30. I heard you can do anything with photoshop. Can you remove my **insert any piece of unwanted bodily tissue here**?

Nope. We're photographers, not re-touchers. We shoot in a natural style without over-editing. That's why you chose us! We do sometimes remove minor things like pimples or blackheads but don't manipulate the photo to make you not look like you. If that's what you're after, we'll put you in touch with a re-toucher. But bring your credit card, they're a pricey bunch!

31. Do you edit all of the pictures?

Yes! Emma works hard on making every picture look as great as possible.

32. Do you provide Black and White images of all of the pictures?

No. We love black and white photos, but we save it for the one's that we feel suit the style best. Some photos need to be in black and white, others don't. If we make an image black and white, we normally also give you a colour copy.

33. If you take a few Polaroid pics, who gets to keep them?

We'll let you and your husband / wife fight over them. If we don't give them to you on the wedding day we'll package it with your other photos. If we forget, please remind us and we'll dig around our camera bags for them!


34. Are you finished with the photos yet?

If we didn't contact you, we're probably not quite finished yet. Feel free to drop a message to see how it's going though.

35. Your photos are really high quality. Could you please give me lower quality photos for facebook?

Sure! Drop us a mail and we'll help you out.

36. Can I collect my photos?

If you're not far from us and can make it here while we're here, you can collect. We prefer using courier services since we're not always home and find it normally works out faster than trying to juggle collection times.

37. Can I share my photos with other people or make prints?

Yes, as long as you don't use it for commercial gain, we don't mind.

38. How long do you keep the photos for?

We keep the photos for as long as we can afford to keep them. Please don't count on us for backups, rather copy them onto at least one of your computers or duplicate the flash drive.