Photo Booths

Our Photo Booths are really fun. We’re not just saying that because they’re ours. We’ve never had a flop, ever!

We find a corner not too far away from the party, set up some studio lights, put up a backdrop (unless the corner looks amazing without a backdrop!) and let people go crazy. We like to open them up when the party starts, normally just before the dance floor opens.

To add to the fun, we bring along a box of classy props. We tend to stay away from the feather boas and cowboy hats and rather go for sunglasses, loud-hailers and sometimes a few well groomed “moustaches-on-a-stick” . Props help people to go a little crazy, have fun and let their hair down.

We do not provide prints on the day, but will give all of the (good) images on disc with your other photos. We do not have a limit on the number of photos people can take, and normally encourage people to come back again with their friends, family or better halves for some pics. It’s a great way to get lots of photos of your guests.

We also make a rad little stop motion video of your booth after the wedding. It’s a fun thing to share with your guests online. Check out some of the videos below.

Derryn & Terence | Photo booth

A couple of weeks ago was the wedding of our friends Derryn & Terence of Orpen Films. We made them a custom gold photo booth and probably set a new record for the amount of photos taken! It was an awesome night and we were literally the last people there with the bride and groom. What a fun night guys! (Look out for the wedding photos coming soon!)

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Photo booths: Deb & Mike

We love doing photo booths. We’ve done a few at parties, and a lot at weddings and they’re different and wonderful every time. It’s the time when guests really get to let loose before the dance floor opens, even the grannies & grandpa’s really get into it.

Here’s one from Deb & Mike’s wedding  – what a great night! Watch out for their full wedding post, it’s coming soon!