Carlo & Heather

It’s an Argentinian superstition that if you stick a knife in the ground on your wedding day it will ward off the stormy clouds. Heather and Carlo stuck two knives in the ground but the rain still came! It came down in bucket loads the whole afternoon up until the exact moment when Heather was supposed to walk down the aisle. The cars were ready to take the bridal party up to the farmhouse but the original plan had been to walk there. I’ll never forget Heather saying “Stuff it! I’m walking”… and we walked! Up the muddy road, with the sun streaming into the valley and a perfect rainbow behind us. It wasn’t what they had planned but it was no less special. Family and friends huddled on a farm house stoep witnessing a beautiful union.

The rest of the evening unfolded beautifully. Laurentinas, Cacti, Open fields and Zulu dancing!

Watch their wedding story below (turn on HD to see the pictures at their best), and their photo booth video at the end. It’s probably the funniest photo booth  we’ve done this year! I can’t help laughing every time I watch it!


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Photo booths: Deb & Mike

We love doing photo booths. We’ve done a few at parties, and a lot at weddings and they’re different and wonderful every time. It’s the time when guests really get to let loose before the dance floor opens, even the grannies & grandpa’s really get into it.

Here’s one from Deb & Mike’s wedding  – what a great night! Watch out for their full wedding post, it’s coming soon!